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Professional Driving Lessons in Calgary : Improve your Driving Skills

Whether we like it or not, winter in Calgary consists of heavy snowfalls, freezing rain, sleet and fog. This is why we should constantly be reviewing our driving skills to make sure we understand what it means to drive safely in poor conditions. because being caught in an unsafe situation can be scary. We can understand that being caught in an unsafe situation can be scary. 


Choosing the route you’ll take ahead of time and making sure that your vehicle is seasonally prepared are ways in which you can make your trip safer. It’s extra important to observe the posted traffic or road advisories to avoid collisions. While at the same time, it’s important to remember that the posted speed limits are designed for ideal road conditions. 

Slow down more when driving on snow, ice, slush or rain. Other safe winter driving tips are checking the weather forecast before you leave so you can make sure you know what to expect once on the road. As well, clearing your windows, roof and lights from snow and ice will help you see clearly and not disturb your driving.


And as always, getting those winter tires installed will help provide better traction, handling and braking for those poor winter conditions.


The Canadian Professional Driving School will teach you all you have to know to drive safely even with bad weather conditions. Contact us to book driving lessons with our experienced staff in Calgary !

Staying Safe in Foggy Conditions

If you can’t avoid driving in poor conditions, you should at least know how to handle them. Driving in Calgary during the winter is a challenge for inexperienced and experienced drivers. If it’s foggy outside, slowing down is key. If you can’t see where you are going, slowing down is the safer option. Avoid using high-beam headlights in the fog as fog tends to reflect light, the best thing to use is low beams which are more effective. If you have fog headlights on your car, you should use them.

Poor visibility is the enemy during foggy driving conditions. If you’re unable to see or don’t feel confident driving, find a safe place to pull over that’s far away from traffic, turn off your lights and wait for the fog to clear up.

Some frequently asked questions for driving in calgary

What to Do If Your Rear Wheels Skid While Driving?

The first to apply in such cases is to keep calm and not panic! Take your foot away from the accelerator and move in the direction you want to go. At times, you would have to frequently steer left and right to retain your car’s balance and avoid skidding.

It is suggested that you should gently apply the brakes when needed. This helps prevent sudden brakes and avoids any possible complications.

What To Do If Your Car Gets Stuck In Ice?


Due to heavy snowfall, there are chances that your car might get stuck in ice on Calgary roads. Most importantly, do not spin your wheels, as this action can dig your car deeper. To remove snow from around your car’s tires, you can slowly move your wheels on either side.

You can also use sand, gravel or salt in the wheels’ path to remove the ice. It is better to call for professional help if you cannot figure this all out.


What To Do If Your Front Tires Skid During The Drive?

You should turn off the car’s engine and bring it down to neutral gear as the first step. It is strongly suggested that you should avoid immediately steering your car as a reflex. Like rare wheels, keep steering in the direction of skidding.

Only after that must you put your car on drive mode and gently accelerate to move in the desired direction. It helps get control of your vehicle.


why choose us for your driving lessons in calgary?

At Driving Canadian, we believe that driving plays an essential role in your day-to-day chores. However, you would need a professional driver’s license and, most importantly, learn how to drive. Our driving lessons in Calgary are designed to meet your diverse driving requirements.

We have a team of professional instructors to train you. At Driving Canadian, our driving school is 100% approved by the Alberta Government. We offer a comprehensive driver-related education in Calgary for a beginner.

When you choose us over others, you sign up for:

-Our driving school has both male and female professional driving instructors.

-You can be assured of safe and defensive driving educational courses in Calgary.

-We offer to pick up and drop off from your home for the driving lessons.

-We strive to help you prepare for the road test so that you can feel confident while driving.

-We can assure you that we offer well-structured and organized driving lessons in Calgary.

Feel free to call us, and we will get back to you at the earliest to answer to all your questions regarding our driving lessons in Calgary.

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