Drivers Training and Courses in Calgary: Learn How to Drive with Us!

Every year, there is a batch of new and nervous drivers who apply to get a driver’s license in Calgary. The main way to prepare someone for a well-earned license is to give drivers training that are practical and based on real-life scenarios, so we can avoid serious accidents.

Accidents don’t only affect the driver, they can also cause collateral damage to other people on the road, properties, and even end in serious fatalities. These incidents are not only provoked from drunk driving, but they are also caused from reckless driving, which is a direct result of improper training. Which is why Canadian Professional Driving School is here to help all those who are interested in driving. We provide a well-structured drivers training process in Calgary to help build confidence for drivers and in addition, we also offer tips for safe driving that can help new drivers be more responsible while on the road.


We offer a variety of driving classes throughout Calgary. Classes are 15 hours total, offered either in class or online. In-class lessons are available on Saturdays from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM. The 15 hours of class time is split into 2 sessions that are each 7.5 hours long. We also offer online classrooms which are available 24/7!

In-car lessons are at least 2 hours in duration, available from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, 7 days per week, according to your availability.

With a driver’s license, a person has the freedom to go on a cross-country road trip any time they want. Which is why we want to ensure that our drivers training in Calgary are met with discipline and structure, in order to provide you with good driving skills that will help get you out on the road safely, and onto your next road trip! With many years of experience, you can trust our instructors to get you driving and feeling confident. For students who are doing road training and who live farther away, pick up can be arranged at Rundle CTrain Station or McKnight Station for the Northeast pick-up price.  

Our job does not end at training you how to drive. We will ensure that you adhere to all the safety measures and help you master them. There will be all types of drivers on the road and you cannot expect smooth situations throughout. With our rigorous training, you will be equipped with the proper knowledge and skill to drive confidently and safely on the road. 


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Please call one of our offices to pickup your certificate (Notice of Driver Education Course Completion) after you’ve completed your training course.

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Additional Information:

South East, South West, North West  (Calgary), and Chestermere & Cochrane & Aidrie students can meet at our North East office or Rundle C-Train station(Sundridge mall), or Mcknight-Westwinds C-train station for driving-training lessons and students will pay the North East prices.


You will receive the online course link within 24 hours, if you did not receive it please let us know.


Students must complete the driving training courses within 3 months of the registration date.

The school does have a refund policy.  The student will be charged $60 due to service fees.

Non-Insurance Reduction Courses

North East (Calgary) 

2 Hours Driving Lesson (Brush up)


4 Hours Driving Lesson (Brush up)


6 Hours Driving Lesson (Brush up)


8 Hours Driving Lesson      


10 Hours Driving Lesson


12 Hours Driving Lesson


14 Hours Driving Lesson


16 Hours Driving Lesson


18 Hours Driving Lesson


20 Hours Driving Lesson


2 Hours Winter Driving Sessions- Handling Slippery Roads



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Insurance reduction courses


(Notice of Driver Education Course Completion)

North East (CALGARY )

For Class 5 Non-GDL License

(6 hours driving + 15 hours in class or online)


Basic Plan  

(10 hours driving + 15 hours in class or online)


Silver Plan  

(12 hours driving + 15 hours in class or online)


Premium Plan  

(14 hours driving + 15 hours in class or online) 


Gold Plan  

(16 hours driving + 15 hours in class or online) 


Ultimate Plan  

(18 hours driving + 15 hours in class or online) 


Platinum Plan
(20 hours lesson + 15 hours in class or online )


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Car Rental & In-Class or Online Classroom

North East

Car Rental for Road Test (Basic)


Car Rental for Road Test (Advanced) 


15 Hours in Class or Online


Defensive Driving Course (DDC) Online

(Get 3 demerit points back)


No Show and Re-issue course completion certificate Fee


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All prices depend on pick-up location for your driving lesson. We provide driving training all year.

Please note:

  • Prices may change without notice
  • Canadian Professional Driving School of Calgary is a government-approved driving school; all courses are approved by the Government of Alberta 
  • In order to get our certificate of completion, you need to get 75% on the road training and 80% in the classroom
  • An online classroom link will be emailed to you upon registering for the course, within 24 hours of payment
  • We accept cash, cheque, debit, Visa, MasterCard and American Express
  • We have classes in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere
  • We serve in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog (Filipino), Arabic and Chinese
  • Road test fees are to be paid at the registry office

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