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Learn to Drive

Our certified driving instructors and comprehensive courses will help you become the best driver you can be.


Driving is a skill many of us desire but do not possess. The good news here is that anyone who wants to learn driving can do so with the right training. If you are looking to learn how to drive, or to improve the driving skills you already have, the Canadian Professional Driving School is here to help.

You can trust that you’ll be receiving the best driving education from our team of qualified, government-certified instructors, as we have over 25 years of driving and teaching experience. All of our courses are government approved as well. We cater to customers of all ages, from students to seniors. We all know how challenging it can be to drive in Calgary considering how volatile the weather can be, and knowing that, our driving school in Calgary offers a wide variety of courses to meet your needs in your training. It includes necessary training plans, winter driving courses and courses dedicated exclusively to teaching you how to drive defensively. For more information or to enroll in a course,  call or email us today! We are available 7 days a week , from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


Why Choose our Driving School in Calgary?

For over 25 years, Canadian Professional Driving School has trained thousands of drivers. We offer competitive prices, experienced instructors, and efficient services. Our instructors demonstrate all life-saving techniques during the driving lesson. Our students have the opportunity to practice these skills with a professional by their side. Our instructors are fully licensed and insured to take drivers for freeway driving experience. They respect every student and treat everyone as a unique individual that deserves undivided attention and the most unique approach. Your time is valuable and we make the best use of it to teach you more about driving than you could expect. 


 Our driving school in Calgary offers:

  • outstanding services at competitive rates 
  • no hidden fees and marketing scams 
  • focused attention 
  • experienced and qualified instructors 
  • professional attitude  
  • unbiased evaluation of student’s driving skills
  • Well-structured courses with flexible timings
  • Free pick-up and drop for learners (depending on your location)
  • Certified insurance-reduction driving courses
  • Practical lessons combined with tips and tactics for real-life scenarios on the road
  • Both male and female driving instructors with communication skills in multiple languages


Qualified Instructors for the Best Learning Experience


Driving requires responsibility. With our team of certified in-car instructors, students can be assured of becoming skillful and responsible drivers who can tackle any on-road scenario. Trained to impart practical lessons, the qualified instructors at our driving school in Calgary will make you feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. Our trainers do not just possess all the necessary approvals and certificates, but they also possess the commitment to create excellent drivers.


Booking a Course

We believe in making every process hassle-free. You can browse all the available courses and view their prices. The curriculum for each course is also structured differently to cater to every learner’s unique needs. Once you select your preferred course, you can make an online payment and begin training with us.

You can book a course directly on our website by visiting the course catalogue or by calling us . Or, please set up a pre-booked appointment if you wish to meet us at our office.

We offer both in person & online servces.

 Office: 207A-4818 Westwinds Dr NE, Calgary, AB, T3J 3Z5 

We offer both online and in-class courses for your convenience.

Government-Approved Driving School!

Over 25 years of driving and teaching experience


cheerful student and teacher in car at driving test

Feeling Nervous?

Our instructors are extremely qualified and dedicated to putting you at ease.

Take the Test

Check out our list of registry offices to find the closest location in your area.

Register with Us

Give us a call or send us an email to register for one of our driving courses!

Dedicated to Putting You at Ease

We understand that learning to drive can be stressful for some, and it’s normal to be nervous. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure you feel comfortable and safe behind the wheel. We offer extensive in-class training to prepare you and equip you with the knowledge you’ll need before you begin your in-car lessons. Our qualified instructors are patient and will do their best to put you at ease. We also have both male and female professional driving instructors – just let us know your preference before you begin your lessons!

Choose Calgary's leading Driving School, and we will guarantee you the safest and most reliable training in the city.

Driver Education Handbooks

The Government of Alberta has provided online driver education handbooks that are available for free download:

Driver’s Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing Cars and Light Trucks
Geared to Go, A Workbook for Coaching New Drivers
Preparing For Your Road Test, Class 5 (basic and advanced) and Class 4

Driver’s knowledge tests are now available in ten languages .


Unquestionably the Best Around

Amazing service, Sanjeev was an incredible teacher always helpful and very understandable, the practice he offers was unquestionably the best around giving honest and reliable information quickly, the confidence I have gained from driving with him is immeasurable and I am extremely grateful, best school in Calgary and best teacher as well. Thank you

Shawn H.

Helped Me Feel Comfortable in the Driver’s Seat

An excellent place to go to learn how to drive – Fun and Easy. My instructor Sanjeev is an awesome guy. I had a great experience with him. He was very accommodating to my schedule and was very helpful in setting up my road test.
With friendly and professional behavior of Sanjeev, I felt comfortable with-in few minutes on the driver seat on my first day and driving classes turned into enjoyment for me rather than a fear. With time to review and clear instructions, I learned driving and cleared my road test.
I highly recommend Canadian Professional Driving School.

Gaurav J.

Made Me Feel Confident

My instructor Beth was very kind and comfortable to drive with. She made me feel very confident and did not hesitate to mention my mistakes while giving me the best solutions to fix them. I had lots of questions and she always had answers. She's a very good teacher. The school in general is great for learner's who need extra practice and reassurance. I took the online class as well which really helped when working around my schedule and the driving school was very accommodating to my availability. Highly recommend; I feel so confident as a new Class 5 driver.

Nikita R.

A Fun Experience!

I would definitely recommend Canadian Professional Driving School to everyone. First, because they have fair and reasonable prices. Second, because they are flexible with in-car session with regards to your availability. Last but not the least, they offer high quality education to prepare you to drive safely and confidently and they have well-experienced drivers who will teach you everything you need to know about safe driving like Beth who was my instructor. She's very friendly and patient with her students. She would always be there to assist and guide you whenever you have difficulties in driving. It's great and fun experience with them. Thank you for I can also drive now on my own with a GDL Class 5 license.

Louise L.

An Instructor Who Really Cares About His Students

Highly recommend signing up for their classes! Sanjeev is an incredible instructor who really cares about his students, which is something that is rarely seen these days. He really helped me to develop the confidence and skills I needed to drive safely and independently. He is not going to teach you shortcuts for you to easily pass the road test, he is going to teach you how to be a good and responsible driver, which is really something everyone needs to be! There have been far too many accidents on the road caused by reckless drivers.
Anyway, if you're still not convinced: after my 16-hr course, I passed the road test on my first try! Huge achievement for me and I could not be happier :)

Panjee A.


I had Nav as my instructor and she was AMAZING. Such a great experience. I ended up passing my drivers test on the first try! Everyone at the driving school were so kind and made the process very easy. I would highly recommend this school.

Clementine U.

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